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Couch to 5k and 10k
Half Marathon
Run Pain Free Break the Injury Cycle Set a New PR

Don't Wait until You Can't Run Anymore

Tired of being injured?

Performances plateaued?

Feeling frustrated?
  You want to break the injury cycle and run pain free.  

You want to make running fun again but don't know
where to start.

You know you can run faster but aren't sure how.

It's time to ask for help.
Break the Injury Cycle
Run Pain Free

Improve Form

Learn proper running form
and start strength training to
reduce injury risk and
increase efficiency.
Stretch and Mobilize

Discover mobility and
stretching routines you can
stick with to improve
resistance to injury.
Have Fun

With a running program
that keeps you healthy and
happy you'll once again be
able to find the reason you
started running.
Set PRs and Run Faster than Ever

Learn new skills to reach
your goals with customized
support from your first step
to breaking through the
marathon wall.

We Understand What You're Feeling

Head Coach Meredith O'Brien has raced everything from the
mile to the marathon and figured out the highs and lows of
running on her own. She doesn't want the same for you.

Her Expert guidance as a USA Track and Field Level 1,
Level 2 - Endurance and Cross-Country Specialist Certified
Coach and American College of Sports Medicine Certified
Personal Trainer means you'll never struggle to figure out
what's next.
East Coast Run Project started in 2010 to help runners run
pain free and happy for as long as they want through client
centered programming designed to help you perform at your
peak while lowering risk of injury.

Run Happy and Pain Free

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Establish Goals

Get clear on what you want to
accomplish and develop a
customized plan to get you there.

Take Action

Select the best plan for you, break
the injury cycle and love running


Our Solutions
East Coast Run Project's professional coaching will find
the ideal solution for you.

One-on-One Training   Online Training Solutions
In person one-on-one training sessions
provide invaluable insight and feedback
into improving your performance


Numerous events throughout the year
bring opportunities to meet, work with
and race other team members.
Want to improve but live outside of our
in-person service area? Using an online
training platform we create programs
that work anywhere in the world.

Corporate Fitness

We provide services ranging from Lunch
and Learns to team event based
training programs.
I can honestly say that I've improved immensely in my running ability ... knowledgeable and ... works with each individuals' "initial" ability and pushes to go past where you may have thought you plateaued.
I have become stronger, faster and more efficient without injury. Whether just starting out or a seasoned runner, ECRP can help you identify a plan to achieve your goals ... provides both encoragement and accountability
Absolutely made me a much, much better runner ... very involved, hands-on coach with great communication ... hold you accountable and ... create a custom plan that gets you where you want to go.

Coach Meredith knows her stuff. I was never a runner, but a definite race walker. She woke up a running talent I didn't know I possessed. She teaches a lot about injury proof running and works in partnership to make you a stronger athlete. A person holding a sign Description automatically generated with medium confidence.


Randall C.

John H.

Kjersten K.

Cindy H.
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to be a professional to have a coach?  
Absolutely not. We're here to help anyone ready to put in the work. Whether you run a 15 minute mile or a 5 minute mile, as long as you're serious and committed, we want you on our team.

Ok, I’m not a pro but do I need experience to start?  
No way! The fewer bad habits you have the easier they are to fix. Whether you're getting up from the couch or tackling your 10th marathon, as long as you're ready to commit, we're ready to help.

Is a personal coach expensive?  
Investing in yourself can seem pricey. But is it? Compared to the medical expenses you could face due to injuries or health related issues from lack of exercise, a little self-care can turn into big long term savings.

When will I see results?  
As soon as you start. From Day 1 we focus on positive changes and in just the first workout you'll move and feel better.

How often do I have to run?  
No more than you're comfortable with. Our programs meet you where you are.

Will I lose weight?  
Potentially. The old adage holds true that you can't out run a bad diet but running won't hurt. If you want guidance on nutrition, we can help you with that, too.

Why choose East Coast Run Project?
Because we're the best. The most fun, the most passionate and most honest. Coach Meredith is a USA Track and Field Level 2 Endurance coach with a Cross Country Specialty and an American College of Sports Medicine certified Personal Trainer. She has run everything from the mile to the Boston Marathon while experiencing all the highs and lows running can offer. From injury to race wins, she has been there and is ready to support you on your running journey.
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